Prices & Payments

No! At Emareye, we set our prices in advance based on the service you choose, your total word count, and how quickly you need your submission returned to you. Our price calculator will show you the cost of all of our services based on the specifics of your manuscript.

You are not required to submit your manuscript for a price quote, but if your institution requires an invoice, you can contact us and we would be happy to provide one for you.

Yes, as long as your card shows the logo of one of the credit cards we accept—Visa, Mastercard, or American Express—then you should be able to use it on our site. If you have trouble using your card, please contact us and we will help you.


We understand that even after receiving your final edited document from Emareye, you may have to make additional changes or additions before submitting it to your journal. Additionally, reviewers often require a round of revision before accepting a paper. The Standard Service is only for a single edit. However, if you select our Premium Service, we will re-edit your work for until your manuscript is published.

The Standard Service is done in two rounds. In the first round, high-quality editing, including grammar correction, punctuation correction, word usage correction, and style revision, is done by a board certified medical editor. In the second round, grammatical review and quality control are done by a senior medical editor with experience in your field. The Standard Service does not include unlimited revision or revision by a medical writer.

The Premium Service includes the two rounds in the Standard Service plus additional rounds by a senior medical writer to increase the likelihood of publication. This involves turn-based revision with the senior medical writer based on a critical review of your manuscript with comments and recommendations related to the content of your paper. Prior to publication, you will have an opportunity to address the issues raised by the senior medical writer and make changes. Once you are happy with the state of your manuscript, the senior medical writer will perform one final revision prior to submission. Following the initial submission process, the senior medical writer will continue to re-edit your document at no extra charge and revise any responses to reviewers until your manuscript is published. This service provides the most robust revision support designed for customers seeking the greatest degree of assistance with their manuscript.

Editorial assistance is commonly acknowledged in scholarly manuscripts, and we would gladly accept your acknowledgment. If you choose to acknowledge us in your paper, here are some samples that you can use. Please be sure to tell us when your work is published so we can share your publication success with all of our customers!

Sample Acknowledgements

We thank Emareye for critical English language revision.
This manuscript was critically revised by Emareye.

Submission Process

We use the most up-to-date website security features available, including Rapid SSL technology to ensure encrypted transmission of payments. We also require that all of our staff members sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your research.

To calculate the word count, you should open a copy of your manuscript and delete any parts that you do not need us to work on, including references. Next, perform a word count on the remaining text using the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word on every file you plan to submit to us and add it all together. This is your final word count. Our support staff can perform a word count for you if you e-mail us your files and ask for confirmation.

Our staff members will verify each paper’s word count before it is assigned to a medical writer. If we find that your file’s word count is over the category you selected, then we will place your submission on hold while we e-mail you for further instructions. Your deadline will be reset to begin at the exact time of your reply. If your paper is shorter than indicated, we will refund the price difference to you.

We do not edit references or numeric tables, so they are not included in the word count when calculating your price for editing services.

Emareye Typically replies within an hour