Customer Testimonials

Put our expertise to work for you. At Emareye, we are proud to have received recognition for our contributions. These are selected testimonials from our customers.

“It’s wonderful service. It is the best service I have experienced. I think that the discussion-revision system is the best advantage.” ~ Dr. D. Kim

“I have used several other proofreading services, which were satisfactory in terms of grammar. However, it is of the utmost importance for proofreading to understand the purpose and relevant background of the study. Otherwise, some contents written by a non-native English speaker can be misread! The strength of the Emareye service is the complete bidirectional communication with the author about the concept and method of the study. Through the work with Emareye, I improved the quality of my paper with an editor who fully understood my work, and my papers got accepted in high impact journals. It was amazing to me!” ~ Dr. Hwang, Korea

“I think Emareye’s understanding about medical manuscript is brilliant! Furthermore, I’d like to rate high score to your effort and attitude for client. My rating for the Emareye service is A+” ~ Dr. Goh, Korea


“My editor at Emareye always understood my intention, and my manuscripts became more perfect after revision. So, I always was satisfied. It was one of the best edits I’ve ever received.”~ Dr. Park, Korea

“The first big difference between MRI and other services is that MRI is interactive, which is a major advantage. And I think the second one is MRI can help us responding in response to review. It’s also a big difference. Also, I think that if we want to revise a paper according to a specific journal’s request, like shortening an abstract, MRI can help us. It’s also a big difference.  It’s a very important thing, especially for foreign doctors, because we have a big pressure. MRI service, unlike the other services, helps us preparing revisions and submitting to other journals. Before I used MRI, I used other grammar services. Now, I just use MRI.” ~ Dr. Hwang, Korea

(1) How would you rate this service?

지금까지 수년간 몇 군데에서 영어교정서비스를 받아 보았는 데 그 중에서 가장 높은 수준의 영어교정이라고 생각됩니다.

통상적인 영어교정이 내 논문에서 전달하고자 하는 내용에 대한 이해가 없이 단순히 영어문법 교정에 그쳤다면

Wade는 논문에 대한 전체적인 이해를 바탕으로 영어교정작업을 해주기 때문에 글의 큰 흐름에서 꼭 필요한 수정을 해주었습니다. 본인이 직접 논문을 작성하고 지도해 본 경험이 있기 때문에 가능한 일인 것 같습니다.

다른 서비스에 비해서 교정료가 비싸지만 논문투고과정에서 재교정을 해야할 때 추가적인 비용이 없기 때문에

결국 비슷한 비용에 질높은 영어교정을 받아보았다고 생각됩니다.

(2) Would you recommend this service to other doctors?

기존의 영어교정서비스에 만족하지 못하는 동료의사들에게 추천할 만한 서비스입니다.

(3) Was there anything in particular that you liked compared to other services?

Skype, e-mail 등을 통해서 영어교정과정에서 서로의 의견을 나눌 수 있다는 점은 다른 어떠한 서비스에서도

만날 수 없는 장점인 것 같습니다. 물론 영어교정을 위해 보낸 논문이 영어문법 이외의 내용 등의 문제로

다시 Wade에게서 연락이 오면 당황될 수는 있지만 더 완벽한 논문이 되기 위한 과정이라고 생각합니다.

원어민 reviewer’s comment를 미리 받아보는 느낌도 들어서 마지막으로 저널에 투고할 때 다른 어떤 때보다

완성도가 높은 논문이었다는 확신이 들었습니다.

~ Dr. Park, Korea

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