About Emareye

With over 30 specially-trained medical editors, Emareye is the largest medical editing company in the world.
• Our mission is to get important medical research out to the world.
• We work with international doctors every day to create manuscripts that clearly present their research.

Some of our editors

Wade Martin, Editor-in-Chief of Emareye
Years with Emareye: 9
Manuscripts edited: 500+
Chief Editor, Emareye
Wade Martin has worked on numerous medical topics, including aneurysms, melanomas, spinal cord injury, and parasitic infestation. He is currently the official medical editor of the journal Neurointervention. He also serves as an editor for the faculty Grant Department at NYU School of Medicine. Learn More

Dr. David Boetcher
Professional Affiliations: American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Association, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland; Former: American Board of Family Practice, NIH Alumni Association, Staff Physician, Doctors Community Hospital, Lanham, MD – Staff Physician, Prince Georges General Hospital, New Carrollton, MD
Speciality: Immunology, Cancer, Family Medicine/Internal Medicine, Biotechnology
Dr. Boetcher received his MD from Harvard Medical School. He has published numerous articles and has continued to read widely and follow research in immunology, cancer, family practice, internal medicine and biotechnology. He enjoys using his experience to assist authors that contribute to biomedical science.

Dr. Janice Blanchard
Professional Affiliations: Academy Health, American College of Emergency Physicians, George Washington University, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Speciality: Clinical medicine, emergency medicine, behavioral health, substance use disorders, public health, health policy, international health, pharmaceutical policy.
Number of articles authored, edited or reviewed: 150+
Dr. Blanchard received her MD from Harvard University in 1994. She is an experienced author, editor, and reviewer. She has edited a number of papers authored by non-native English speakers. Her range of expertise extends across all medical disciplines with a focus on the areas of clinical medicine, emergency medicine, behavioral health, public health, health policy and international health.

Dr. Charles John Palenik
Professional Affiliations: American Association for Dental Research, International Association for Dental Research and Dental Assisting National Board.
Speciality: Dentistry
Dr. Palenik’s research has produced 276 manuscripts, 350 monographs, ten book chapters and training manuals and four book editions. He has served as a manuscript reviewer for twenty-six journals, which involved over 300 reviews. Previous positions include: Professor of Oral Microbiology, Indiana University School of Dentistry; Director of Infection Control Research and Services, Indiana University School of Dentistry; Director of Human Health and Safety, Indiana University School of Dentistry; and Director of Research and Scientific Affairs, Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention.

Dr. Paulette M. Yamada Tamashiro
Professional Affiliations: American Association for Cancer Research, Endocrine Society, American Physiological Society, American College of Sports Medicine
Speciality: Physiology, Endocrinology, Cancer
Paulette’s repertoire revolves around Human Physiology and includes thermoregulation/heat acclimation, body composition, VO2peak/lactate threshold, exercise performance, physical activity, type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolism, metabolic syndrome and associated cell signaling, head and neck cancer and related molecular signaling. Learn More

Sneha Nambiar
Sneha Nambiar, ELS
Professional Affiliations:
Certified as Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) by Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS)
Professional editing experience: more than 7 years
Number of manuscripts edited: Over 300
Moving on from clinical practice, Sneha dove into the field of academic editing, specializing in manuscripts prepared by authors whose first language is not English. Although she has worked on a wide array of subjects, her main areas of interest include clinical medicine, case studies, dermatology, psychology, and alternative medicine. Learn More
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