About Emareye

Our mission at Emareye is to get important medical results out to the world.

At Emareye, we work with international doctors to create manuscripts that clearly and effectively present research. We research the content of your manuscript before revising your manuscript. This results in greater success in representing your true idea.

Some of our editors

Wade Martin, Editor-in-Chief of Emareye
Years with Emareye: 7
Manuscripts edited: 300+
Chief Editor, Emareye

Wade Martin has worked on numerous medical topics, including aneurysms, melanomas, idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus, spinal cord injury, and parasitic infestation. He is currently the official medical editor for the journal Neurointervention. Learn More

Paulette M. Yamada Tamashiro
Professional Affiliations: American Association for Cancer Research, Endocrine Society, American Physiological Society, American College of Sports Medicine
Speciality: Physiology, Endocrinology, Cancer

Paulette’s repertoire revolves around Human Physiology and includes thermoregulation/heat acclimation, body composition, VO2peak/lactate threshold, exercise performance, physical activity, type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolism, metabolic syndrome and associated cell signaling, head and neck cancer and related molecular signaling. Learn More

Sneha Nambiar
Sneha Nambiar, ELS
Professional Affiliations:
Certified as Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) by Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS)
Professional editing experience: more than 7 years
Number of manuscripts edited: Over 300

Moving on from clinical practice, Sneha dove into the field of academic editing, specializing in manuscripts prepared by authors whose first language is not English. Although she has worked on a wide array of subjects, her main areas of interest include clinical medicine, case studies, dermatology, psychology, and alternative medicine. Learn More
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