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Emareye is a medical editing service that focuses on English publication for International doctors in high-impact medical journals. Our medical editing service involves learning your medical content first, then editing. Our doctors publish in SCI and SCIE journals. We proofread and edit academic medical manuscripts to help doctors publish their research in high-impact journals. Emareye is the best medical editing service for doctors.

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Our mission is to get important medical results out to the world that otherwise might be obscured in low level journals.

At Emareye, our medical editing service helps international doctors create manuscripts that effectively and clearly present research. We research and come to understand the content of your manuscript before undergoing the revision process. This results in improved content revision and greater success in representing your true idea and vision.

No other medical editing service or organization does it. Those services will correct any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word usage errors and may attempt to improve the style or flow of the paper. But they will not research and come to understand the content of your manuscript, and will be unable to fix errors that require this level of sophistication.

We are confident that our medical editing service will improve the overall quality of your paper. Unlike other services who only re-edit your manuscript for free if it is rejected by your journal for English language errors, we promise to re-edit and proofread your manuscript for free for any and all reasons until it gets published.

Our medical editor learns your idea before revision. We promise unlimited revision, for unlimited resubmissions. We offer turn-based revision with your editor. We also include revision of response to reviewers. We include critical review with comments and recommendations. All this is included in your medical editing service.

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The Gold Standard in medical editing. More doctors everyday turn to Emareye for medical editing.

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  • Discuss revisions directly with your editor

    With direct communication, your medical editor will understand your work perfectly. Your thoughts will have their best expression, and the final result is always superior.

  • Better quality, better results

    Working directly with your medical editor ensures you submit well-written manuscripts, lower your chance of rejection, and publish in higher impact factor journals.

  • Trust your work with a medical editor

    A knowledgeable medical editor makes all the difference. In each case, we take the time to understand the manuscript before revising it, always producing the best result.

Featured Editor: Wade Martin

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    Choose Wade Martin as your medical editor.

A Reputation for Excellence

The impact factor of journals for doctors using Emareye is
significantly higher than the international average.

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in English-Speaking Countries


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… at Emareye

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Trusted by doctors

Here is a selection of customer testimonials and successes.

  • My editor at Emareye always understood my intention, and my manuscripts became more perfect after revision. So, I always was satisfied. It was one of the best edits I’ve ever received.Dr. K Park, Korea
  • It’s wonderful service. It is the best service I have experienced. I think that the discussion-revision system is the best advantage.Dr. D Kim, Korea
  • I have used several other proofreading services, which were satisfactory in terms of grammar. However, it is of the utmost importance for proofreading to understand the purpose and relevant background of the study. Otherwise, some contents written by a non-native English speaker can be misread! The strength of the Emareye medical editing service is the complete bidirectional communication with the author about the concept and method of the study. Through the work with Emareye, I improved the quality of my paper with an editor who fully understood my work, and my papers got accepted in high impact journals. It was amazing to me!Dr. Y Hwang, Korea
  • I think Emareye’s understanding about medical manuscript is brilliant! Furthermore, I’d like to rate high score to your effort and attitude for client. My rating for the Emareye medical editing service is A+.Dr. D Goh, Korea
  • The first big difference between Emareye and other services is that Emareye is interactive, which is a major advantage. And I think the second one is Emareye can help us responding in response to review. It’s also a big difference. Also, I think that if we want to revise a paper according to a specific journal’s request, like shortening an abstract, Emareye can help us. It’s also a big difference.  It’s a very important thing, especially for foreign doctors, because we have a big pressure. Emareye medical editing service, unlike the other services, helps us preparing revisions and submitting to other journals. Before I used Emareye, I used other grammar services. Now, I just use Emareye medical editing service.Dr. Y Hwang, Korea

Emareye guarantees to stand by you, from start to finish, until your manuscript is published.

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Our Lifetime Commitment to You.
We offer you the following lifetime guarantee. It revolves around five central commitments.
  • A Commitment to Research

    We will understand the content of your manuscript before we start editorial revision.

  • A Commitment to Privacy

    We will always respect the privacy of your work and maintain absolute confidentiality regarding its contents.

  • A Commitment to Responsiveness

    In all cases, you will be in direct contact with your editor for any of your service needs. Your editor will respond to your service needs in 2 business days or sooner.

  • A Commitment to Punctuality

    Your editor will meet the deadlines set for returning your work to you. In rare cases when circumstances beyond our control prevent us from meeting your deadline, we will compensate you for the inconvenience.

  • A Lifetime Commitment

    We will continue to work on your paper until it is published in the highest impact journal possible.


Emareye is a trusted name in the medical publishing community.

We work everyday with top universities, journals, and publishers.

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